Angel's story

we saw in a paper that there were 2 young horses for sale about an 2 hours away from us. so we called. and the guy sale he was takeing them to a sale the next day if we didn't buy them. which the 2 young horses were Angel and Joy. Angel was 1 years old. and Joy was 3 months. (almost 4) anyways, when we got there Joy was just the the most sweet littke girl. and angel you couldn't even tuch her, she wasn't tamed. you could get close but she was very scared of people, but we did buy them. then a week later they got here. and we had them in are round pen. and I looked at Angel's back hoofs. (from a far) and I saw there was really bad cuts around her legs. I believe her first owners used her as the "cow" for ropeing. but I left them for a bit. then came back. and tamed and haltered her for the first time and tought her to lead and trust people in her first day here. and now she is my other supper horse. her and Blaze are great together. she is Level 2 (in rideing) level 3 (on line liberty and some rideing) level 4. (some liberty) she is very smart and loves people so much.

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